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Complete Bounty Qusets for amazing EXP and Gold rewards. The higher quality the quest, the better the rewards! 
You can accept 20 Bounties per day.

Get loads of EXP and a chance for Gear in the Labyrinth!
The harder the Labyrinth is, the better the rewards.
You can enter the Labyrinth 2 times per day.

Clear Dreamscape for EXP and Refining Scrolls.
The higher level the Hero's Dreamscape, he better the EXP rewards!
You can enter 3 Dreamscapes per day.

Solo Dungeon:
Get EXP and Gear crafting items for solo Dungeons.
Every Dungeon costs 5 Stamina. If you don't have any Stamina, you will receive no rewards.

Solo Arena:
Duel in the Arena for Gold, Soul Stones and Merit.
You have 15 duels in the Arena per day, but VIP2+ players can buy 5 extra duels!

Elite Dungeon:
Clear Elite Dungeons for Ancient Coins and Gem Shards.
Use a Reset Scroll to reset the dungeons.

Run the Gauntlet for tons of rewards!
Opponents are chosen based on your highest recorded Battle Rating.
Enemies become harder with each win.

Guild Altar:
Get rewards from the Guild Altar.
The higher level you Guild Altar, the more times you can collect rewards!

Use free Alchemy and Ruby Alchemy to increase your gold stockpiles!
The higher your VIP level, the more free Alchemy you get each day!

Geode Fusion:
Get more Geodes through Fusion and equip them to your Heroes for huge stat bonuses!
The higher the quality and level of your Geodes, the better the stat bonuses will be.

Zenith Stamps:
Stamp your friends' Zeniths for extra Gold!
If you successfully leave a stamp, you will increase your friends' production rates.

Zenith Harvest:
Obtain tons of Gold and Anima from Zenith resource structures.
The higher the structure's level, the more it will produce per minute!

Feed Wyverns to increase their Mood and to earn Gold.

Ore Thieves:
Bop Ore Thieves in your Zenith for Gold!
If there is an Ore Thief in a Zenith, production rates will drop by 5%.

Send flowers to build Trust.

Loop 300:
Complete Loop 300 Quests every week. Each quest grants rewards!

Time: Daily at 15:00, 16:00, 19:00, 20:00, 22:00.
Join the Rumble for tons of Rumble and Rubies. Get kill streak for higher rewards!
You can collect Rubies during 3 of your runs, and will only obtain Merit thereafter.

Time: Daily from 12:00-12:30, 18:00-18:30.
Gain EXP for joining the Bonfire. The chance of fusing a high quality Geode is increased while next to a bonfire.

Party Arena:
Time: Daily from 12:30-13:30, 18:30-19:30.
Obtain loads of Arena Coins and Crimson Coins from the Party Arena.
Open 2 times per day, parties of 3 players can test their might!

Guild Knock-Out:
Time: Tue., Thu., Sat., Sun. from 20:00-20:25, 20:30-20:55.
Join in Guild Knock-Out for tons of Merit and Arena Coins.
Guild K.O. unlocks on the second day of the server.
Rewards and Rankings are determined every Sunday at 21:00.

Time: Daily from 15:30-15:45, 16:30-16:45, 21:00-21:15.
Mysterion and his Mystery Shop will appear in any of the three cities selling limited special items and amazing discounts.