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There are 5 types of Fusion: Fine, Greater, Rare, Epic, and Ultra. Fusing Geodes gives points.

There’s a chance a of illumination when fusing Geodes. There are 3 fusion attempts per day.

Batch Fusion: VIP4 and higher can make use of this function.

Sell All: Sells all Geodes of a selected quality.

Store All: Stores all Geodes in Bag.

Consume All: Consumes all Geodes except those of the highest quality.

Geode Bag: Players begin with 12 slots. Diamonds can be used to gain additional slots.

Mark: Geodes can be marked. Marked Geodes won’t be merged.

Batch Merge: Marges geodes that aren’t marked.

Geode Gear: Geodes can be equipped by dragging them or double-clicking. A geode slot will open every ten levels. Every piece of equipment can have a geode slot but can’t equip geodes with similar stat bonuses.

Geode Upgrade: Higher level geodes have better stat bonuses, but require more EXP to upgrade. Dragging a geode to another will cause it to be absorbed and make it disappear.

Geode Set: sets of 2 or 4 geodes will unlock additional stat bonuses.