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​Create Guild: To create a guild, players need to spend either gold or rubies. Guild names can be 6 characters long. There’s also an option to pick an emblem.

Guild Stats: A guild can grow in levels, membership, number of deputies, and building levels. There’s a weekly maintenance fee and the guild will be disbanded if payments are missed 3 times. The guild leader and deputies can make announcements.

Buildings: Guild Wealth is used to upgrade buildings. Buildings can be upgraded to level 10 and are increasingly more expensive to upgrade at each level.

The Guild Shop has various items for sale and requires tribute for purchases. A higher level Guild Shop has more items to choose from.

Spending guild wealth at the Skills Tower provides guild members with perks. Higher level Skills Towers have more perks to choose from.

The Guild Altar can be used by members to spin for prizes. Each spin costs 20 guild wealth and the prizes are dependent on the guild’s level.

Member Management: The guild leader may appoint members to positions within the guild and grant them authority over various actions.

Launch Coup: If the guild leader is absent for 4 or more days, a coup d'état can be made for 200 Diamonds. The member initiating the coup will become the leader.

Approve Request, members with authority can approve guild application requests. After being approved, the applicant will become a member. Applications can also be managed automatically. (Note: a full guild can’t invite or approve new members)

After quitting a guild, the player’s information will be cleared from the guild records. However, their tribute stays with the guild.