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Controlling enchanted Ion Crystals, the Psyon is able to deliver destructive area damage to enemies. Psyons can choose from 3 Skill Trees: Ion - area damage; Nova - healing; Doom - single target control.

Attack random unit, dealing 110% MATK +300 in MDMG, +5 Rage

Ion Burst
Launch the target into the air, dealing 150% MATK +600 in MDMG

Azimuth Surge
Increase allies' PATK and MATK by 30% and Hit by 20% for 40 seconds

Chaotic Seal
Deal 150% MATK +600 in MDMG to all enemy units

Ion Havoc
Attack random unit 5 times, dealing 110% MATK +400 in MDMG each time

Deal 200% MATK +800 in MDMG to all enemy units and stun for 4 seconds

Elemental Insight
Receive 4 Rage each time you deal damage to an enemy

Psyon Proficiency
Increase MATK by 15%

Ion Squad RushBefore Hero launches their Squad Rush skill after Ion Burst, 80% chance for your character to attack again for 100% PDMG and increase own MATK by 25% for 10 seconds.([Ion Burst] costs 5 more Rage after learning)

Ion Squad Rush After using Ionization, 60% chance to trigger Flux. Deals 100% MDMG and decrease target casting speed by 50% for 9 seconds.

Shattering Stars
Ion Squad Rush After using Flux, 50% chance to attack again for 120% PDMG and lower target's Hit Rate by 50% for 9 seconds