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How to obtain: Dungeon monsters have a chance to drop various types of souls.

Each soul has a set amount of spirit. Souls with more spirit give more stat bonuses.

Each soul can only be used to Energize certain pieces of equipment.

The item’s level and quality determine how much it can be energized. Three soul slots is the maximum.

Energized stats can stack and are removable.

Soul Types: Lesser souls can energize any level of equipment; Fine souls only work on level 40 or higher; Greater souls only work on level 50 or higher; Rare souls only work on level 60 or higher; Lastly, epic souls only work on level 70 or higher.

Upgrade Souls: Souls can be upgraded by absorbing others. Upgrading souls increases their stat bonuses. Each absorb requires 6 other souls and costs a certain amount of gold based on the souls being absorbed. After each absorb, the master soul will gain EXP, eventually upgrading to the next level, and the absorbed souls will disappear. EXP Souls: These cannot be used to energize, but they can be absorbed for EXP.

Stats: A soul’s main stat and Gear type are related, while the "other stat" is random.

Soul Guide: Use the guide to browse around and examine the various souls.

Received Souls: Dungeon monsters can drop souls. Souls can also be obtained from Ion Roulette.