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Grasping a dagger in each hand, the Wraith employs agile attacks and stunning skills to deliver critical blows to enemies. Wraiths can choose from 3 Skill Trees: Eviscerate - single target damage; Flay - area damage; Toxin - enemy control.


Attack target in the front row, dealing 108% PATK +250 in PDMG, +5 Rage, increase Crit Rate by 25%

Fury Rush

6-hit combo that deals 150% PATK +500 in PDMG, increase Crit Rate by 30%(Costs 5 more Rage after learning [Knifepoint])


Wraith Storm

Attack a random target 5 times dealing 120% PATK +400 in PDMG for every strike. Crit Rate improved by 30% during skill.



Increase Crit Rate by 100% for 28 seconds



Attack unit with the lowest HP, dealing 300% PATK +1,000 in PDMG. If target has less than 50% HP, attack is a guaranteed Crit.



Mark an enemy unit as a priority for attacks. Marked unit Resist Crit Rate -10% and DMG received +20% for 30 seconds



Ion Squad Rush After using Deft Hands, 50% chance to attack again for 120% PDMG and increase own Crit Rate by 100% for 10 seconds


Sharp Mind

Receive 5 Rage after each Cri


Eagle Eye

Increase Crit Rate by 15%



Ion Squad Rush Before Hero launches their Squad Rush skill after Fury Rush, 80% chance for your character to attack again for 100% PDMG and increase own Crit DMG by 50% for 10 seconds. ([Fury Rush] costs 5 more Rage after learning)