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Wyvern: Cultivating this little dragon rewards players with additional stats. The Zenith will also give players gold if they feed it from time to time.

Build: The various Zenith buildings all serve a useful purpose; They produce gold, anima, and phantasma. In order to build one, players need to spend either Rubies or Gold. Buildings can also be upgraded to increase their production rates. However, they won’t produce any resources while upgrading. There’s also a limit on how much can be stockpiled, so players should collect resources in a timely manner.

Stamp: Friends and guild members can stamp each other’s Zeniths for extra gold. Successfully leaving a stamp will increase the stamped Zenith’s production rates by 10%. Players can stamp 20 different Zenith’s a day.

Smash: Thieves will often stumble into players’ Zeniths and disrupt production rates by 5%. Players can smash thieves in their Zeniths or their friends’ for gold.

Plunder: Plundering another player’s Zenith will trigger a battle. If successful, the plunderer can reap 50% of a player’s resources. Plundering costs gold and becomes increasingly more expensive each time until the daily reset.