Hero Name


Viper's Ascension

​Spectral Saber buff effect duration +100% 2. Crit Rate +10% 3. PATK +1000%

Death's Ascension

​Phantom Slash cooldown -50% 2. DMG +500


​Initial Rage +15

Heart of Rage

​Receive an additional 5 Rage after each action

Phantom Slash

Attack a random target 4 times, dealing 110% PATK +300 in PDMG per strike. Crit Rate increased by 15% during skill.

Spectral Shadow

Summon Falx's Phantom with 30% stats. Phantom knows the Phantom Slash skill

Spectral Saber

Combo attack that deals 110% PATK +200 in PDMG, increase PATK by 20% for 8 seconds

Background Story

Renowned assassin that left the undead home of the Vipers in search of more challenging kills. Given enough Gold, Falx will extinguish any target.