Hero Name



​Multi Shot may stun for 1.5 seconds

Heart of Rage

Receive an additional 5 Rage after each action


​Hits a flying target, dealing heavy artillery damage. Ascend to shoot twice.

Summon Ussuri

Summon Patches and increase Naveru's base stats by 30%. Ussuri Roar increases allies' PATK and MATK by 200

Multi Shot

Attack a random target 3 times


​1. Shoot twice during [Bullseye]. Consumes 2 more Rage 20. Hit +3% 100. Ussuri Roar buff duration +9%. Can stack 9 times.

Background Story

Grew up in the enchanted forest of Aurora. Full of mischief and curiosity, Naveru has contributed greatly to research on Aquila's Bow.