Hero Name


Ion Spirit

​Using Lightning Orb increases MATK by 10% for 15 seconds. Can stack up to 10 times.


​Chain Lightning has a 30% chance to do damage twice

Psyon Proficiency

​Increase MATK by 5%

Elemental Insight

​Receive 2 Rage each time you deal damage to an enemy

Lightning Orb

​Squad rush combo that deals 120% MATK +200 in MDMG (After Ascension, increase own MATK by 10% for 15 seconds)

Chain Lightning

​Attack one row of units, dealing 120% PATK +400 in PDMG

Nova Fury

​Deal 120% MATK +400 in MDMG to all enemy units

Background Story

Lord of Madness. An unpredictable being who rules over a kingdom of insanity.